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Hosted Nightclub Entry

Hosted admission is a premium service wherein a Miami Nightclub Hosting representative provides free, expedited nightclub admission to a group of guests by personally walking them in to a venue. Venues available depend upon the day of the week, and the size of the party, but are always among the hottest, most exclusive Miami Nightclubs. Upon making a reservation clients will meet their Miami Nightclub Hosting guide at a predetermined location close to the featured nightclub, such as a nearby bar. Once clients have all arrived, payed for the service, and received their identifying wristbands, the Miami Nightclub Hosting guide will walk them to the club, execute the walk-in, and allow the clients to spread out and enjoy the party. The Miami Nightclub Hosting representative will be available at the club to answer questions and assist the clients for a period of time after arrival.

The cost of the service is $20 per person, and restrictions are as follows: The clients must be in dress code for evening. Men should wear dress shirts and dress shoes, but jeans are ok. Women should wear high heels. Occasionally more casual dress is permitted, and those events will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, all groups of clients need contain at least as many women as men.

You’re on vacation, and shouldn’t have to worry about getting into a nightclub. Let us take care of it for you, and you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time. Request a date below for more information.

Table Service Negotiations

A Table Service Negotiation is a service wherein a Miami Nightclub Hosting representative acts as a broker between the client and all available Miami nightclubs, ensuring that the client gets the most for his money at the nightclub that suits him or her best. Table service clients have a variety of options, so the service will begin with a telephone consultation, in which the Miami Nightclub Hosting rep converses with the clients and identifies their preference in music, ambiance and the personality of the club. Based on that those preferences, imminent special events, and the night of the week in question, the rep will then recommend several nightclubs that the client would enjoy the best. The Miami Nightclub Hosting rep will then contact the nightclubs and broker deals for table packages. Our relationship with Miami Nightclubs allows us to get the best possible price for tables, and access to the most exclusive parts of the club.

There are so many nightclubs and such a variation in price and quality between one table and the next, that it’s a complete headache to figure it all out on your own. Allow us to negotiate your table service package for you, and we guarantee that you will know all your options, and use your resources in the best possible way. Sign up using the form below to schedule your free telephone consultation.

Nightlife Tours

A Miami Nightclub Hosting Nightlife Tour is a full evening of entertainment wherein a Miami Nightclub Hosting guide meets his clients early in the day, registers them for the service, and then takes them on a bar crawl through the evening and into the night. The final destination of the crawl is a premiere Miami Beach Nightclub, where the Miami Nightclub Hosting rep performs a hosted walk-in, as describe above, for the whole party of crawlers. All bars visited in advance of the nightclub will be selected based on their entertainment value, and on the food and drink specials they offer specifically to Nightlife Tour participants. While you enjoy mingling with your fellow crawlers expect to be offered drink specials, food specials, live music, and an opportunity to see all the variety Miami Nightlife has to offer. Nightlife Tours start at 7 PM and end at the Nightclub between 11 PM and 12 AM. Participation in the tour is $50 per person.

Let us take you out on the town, and you’ll have an unforgettable evening with other fun, outgoing people. Sign up using the form below to make a reservation, or request additional information.

Strip Clubs

Miami Nightclub Hosting also offers premiere promotional services to the hottest strip clubs in the city. Sign up for free admission and, depending on the club, a free ride to the paradise of your choice. Your Miami Nightclub Hosting guides are familiar with all strip clubs in Miami, and will know exactly where to send you for the most exciting evening possible. If you’re looking for the friendliest, and the sexiest, dancers in Miami, Miami Nightclub Hosting can show you the way. Use the form below to select dates, and receive additional information.

The Miami Nightclub Hosting Custom Itinerary

Here at Miami Nightclub Hosting, representatives are available to act as your full service Miami concierge. We are available to plan your entire vacation, and are happy to broker services outside of the Nightlife industry. For example, if you want to spend your days on the ocean, your evenings at shows and parties, and enjoy all of the best restaurants in town, we can show you the way. Contact us for a consultation! Let us plan your perfect vacation, and we’ll show you everything Miami has to offer. Use the form below to schedule a free telephone consultation.

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